Pests That Go into Hiding During the Fall

Lots of pests are highly active during warm months and then go into hiding during the fall. These pests do not die off but instead hibernate until next summer when they can return and begin feeding and populating again. Here are some examples of pests that hide during the fall.


About twenty percent of ticks die off every fall when the weather gets cold. The rest of the ticks either burrow down into the ground and create their nests for the winter season, or they find hosts and live in or on them for the season. Ticks can live in the ground for months at a time, and the snow can actually help them stay warm, as it provides the ground with insulation. Ticks love deer and other warm-blooded animals, so lots of ticks will burrow into their fur to remain warm during the cold. Ticks are not very active during the cold months, but they are still alive.

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs aren’t actively moving around during the winter, they do not die. They hunker down for the cold months, most likely indoors, because they cannot live in below-freezing temperatures for more than a few days. However, they can live without food for over 400 days, so they like to remain in the same warm spot for the entire winter. This could be in your home or business, but you probably won’t notice. They may burrow themselves into carpeting or furniture and will not move for months at a time.


Cockroaches don’t die during the winter – these pests can survive in almost all conditions. However, they may behave differently during cold months. They won’t move very much, and they definitely won’t want to be outside. They love moist, warm places, so they might be hiding in your kitchen or bathroom during the winter. Keep a close eye on your home, especially if you have cockroach issues already during the summer months.

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