Top Ways To Keep Bees Away From Your Fruit Trees

Bees on trees

Bee’s, although terrifying to some, actually have an important role to play in the ecosystem, specifically around plant and tree pollination and populations. Bees are believed to have been around for nearly 120 million years, but the first bee fossil was found about 65 million years ago. But, that doesn’t make them any less terrifying, especially if you are allergic to them. Here are some of the top ways to keep bees away from your fruit trees throughout the year.

Benefits To Keeping Bees Away

If you or someone you love is allergic to bees, having these flying friends can be a safety concern for all. While some experienced less severe allergic reactions to stings over time, others develop a more severe reaction that can actually lead to anaphylactic shock and/or death. While bees tend to stick to themselves and their colonies, they can get protective or get sick, causing them to act out and sting. If the bees carry any diseases, it can potentially contaminate your fruit trees and cause more harm than good.

How To Keep Bees Away

Since bees are attracted to sweet smells, using at-home products such as a mixture of vinegar and water to spray on and around the tree will help deter bees and other insects. If you are looking for a more decorative approach, hanging dryer sheets from your tree may also keep those flying friends from your area. There are also consumer-friendly products available for purchase in stores but aren’t recommended because many contain harmful chemicals that will not only kill off the bees, but can potentially cause harm to you and your trees, plants, gardens, and more.

Keeping Bees Away May Not Be Beneficial

There aren’t a lot of scientific reasons why keeping bees away is necessary. In fact, it can actually be a detriment to plants, trees, flowers, and more to not have bees. Bees are like free gardeners that come in when the weather is just right and pollinate to help greens, flowers, and fruits grow and flourish in numbers. Most of the most popular fruits and vegetables rely on honey bees? For example, one of the largest almond crops in the world relies almost entirely on pollination services from honey bees alone. If you have concerns about the bee population within your trees, area, or garden and live in northeastern Florida, contact Orange Environmental Services. Their professional and experienced staff of over 45 years will make sure to provide safe and simple solutions to your beekeeping concerns.

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