Common Pests in Hot and Humid Climates


Unless you live in Antarctica, most places on earth are going to have some types of pests that cause you trouble. However, environments that are especially hot  and humid are particularly prone to infestations. There are numerous species of pests in these climates that wreak havoc on our lives. Here are some to look out for if you find yourself in an area with a higher temperatures and humidity.


Cockroaches are one of the world most common pests anywhere. However, considering how much they require warmth and moisture, you find them in droves in hot and humid environments. If they can’t find natural heat or humidity, they’ll improvise by sneaking around boiler rooms or under water heaters where they’ll be able to survive and reproduce. Either way, you can get the edge on them by drying up any puddles that build up in these areas and investing in a dehumidifier, hopefully encouraging them to find some other place to call ‘home.’


A pest less known than cockroaches, yet equally harmful: Silverfish also prefer damp and warm climates. Silverfish will chew on anything from books to clothes to sofas, ruining valuables and making them unpleasant to have around. However, if they’re without moisture for long periods of time, they’ll dry up and die. If you see any around your house, you shouldn't hesitate to get them removed.


These eerie pests are unable to retain moisture in their bodies like other kinds of pests, meaning that like cockroaches and silverfish, they tend to drift towards dark, damp and warm parts of houses and buildings where they can replenish their body fluids. Also, like cockroaches and silverfish, you can make survival difficult for centipedes by drying up any areas where there is condensation, leaky pipes, or puddles.


Another of one the more unsettling pests is the earwig. These pests have antennas, dark brown bodies and large pincers on their rear ends. You may have seen them wandering in your sink or shower as they are known to crawl through pipes and around the more secluded corners of bathrooms and laundry rooms, living on the water that builds up in these places. Keep these areas dry if you want to remove these disgusting pests from your sight.

Many pests thrive on warmth and humidity, however, even if you live in a colder region, many places in your house can provide for those pests what they need artificially that they cannot find naturally, meaning that it’s important to make sure you're not unintentionally giving them a place to stay. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Orange Environmental today.

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