Most Common Pests Found In Florida

The warm temperatures of Florida create the perfect climate for pests. Unlike places with a cooler climate, Florida is a place where pests can live year-round. You may have already seen the most common pests in Florida right in your own backyard. Here are a few of Florida’s pests that our experts at Orange Environmental commonly service. 

Fire Ants 

Fire ants are, as their name suggests, red, and quite aggressive once they infest an area. In Florida, these ants are usually found in open fields and lawns since they like to nest in dry, sunny locations. They create round nests that look like mounds in the ground, which can grow as tall as three feet high. Fire ant colonies can have up to 250,000 workers! These ants are known for stinging intruders that come to their nests. If you see fire ants anywhere near your home, call an exterminator right away. 


These flies get their name because their wings are covered with a white, waxy film. They look similar to moths. These flies can severely damage plants, as they lay their eggs on plant leaves which then suck up nutrients from the plant. If you notice plants in your home or your yard turning yellow, that could mean you have a whitefly problem. Plants will die quickly once whitefly decides to use them for laying eggs. To save your plants, call an exterminator if you see whitefly eggs on leaves in your garden. 

Drywood Termites 

These pesky termites create their colonies in wood that is above ground level. Any residential fences, doors, window frames and furniture are all at risk of a dry wood termite infestation. You can tell if these termites are around by their fecal pellets. They are small, but noticeable if you look for them. If you notice pellets in or around your home, call an exterminator right away before the problem worsens. Termite infestations are quite serious and can cause severe damage to your home and other valuables. 

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