Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Outdoor Experience

Enjoying the beautiful Florida weather throughout the year is one of the benefits of living in the state. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes can make it difficult to take advantage of the great outdoors. Some carry viruses, like Zika and West Nile. Even if you don’t get bitten, the incessant buzzing and swatting can be annoying. You can take measures to prevent these pesky mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor experience, though.

Use A Fan

If you’re close to an electrical outlet, use a fan to keep mosquitoes at bay. The circulating air will prevent them from hovering and make it harder for the bugs to bite you. Fans also disperse the carbon dioxide that you emit when you breathe, which can attract the pests.

Spray Your Yard

Many Floridians know that standing water creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. You might not have a birdbath or pond to worry about, but moist areas underneath shrubbery and in your garden can provide a safe haven for the insects.

A professional pest control company that offers mosquito spraying services can work wonders on your buggy yard. The targeted treatment kills mosquitoes on impact. It also leaves a residue on surfaces, which repels insects that fly into your yard from other areas.

Get A Professional Inspection

You might not be aware of the hidden spots in which mosquitoes can lurk. Professional exterminators know where to look for prime breeding areas, such as gutters. They can also pinpoint locations that you might have overlooked, like old tires, tarps and empty flower pots.

Light A Candle

Citronella candles can deter mosquitoes from entering the area. Mosquitoes don’t like smoke, so maintaining a fire can keep the pests out of the vicinity. You can also diffuse citronella essential oil or light incense that contains citronella, eucalyptus or cloves for maximum effectiveness.

Create A Mosquito-Defying Landscape

Some plants repel the insects. Planting rosemary, basil, lavender or lemongrass around the yard may prevent mosquitoes from hanging around.

Bird feeders that attract swallows and migratory songbirds encourage natural predators to visit. The birds feed on adult mosquitoes and larvae. You can also build bat houses to eradicate mosquitoes. The flying mammals will gobble up the pests, especially at dusk, when mosquito activity tends to soar.

You don’t have to live in harmony with mosquitoes. Contact Orange Environmental Services to learn how we can help you get rid of pests so that you can create an atmosphere that’s ideal for you and inhospitable to mosquitoes.

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