Consider These Outdoor Lights if You Want To Prevent Pests.

Usually, when we think of outdoor lights, we imagine mid-summer nights with pesky bugs crowding under them. 

But did you know that the type of outdoor light you choose can determine whether or not you're attracting bugs? It's true. There are a few different types of outdoor lights that you can use to prevent pests from coming into or near your home. 

To prevent pests, you want to think about the heat and brightness of the light emitted. 

The less heat and brightness coming from your lights, the less likely bugs will be gathering around them. Bugs, in particular, love UV light. Consider these outdoor lights if you want to prevent pests.

1. Yellow Bug Bulbs

Because yellow emits a longer wavelength, it's hard for insects to see. 

That's why bug lights produce a yellow light, which doesn't attract bugs as much as other colors of light. If you're looking to avoid bugs swarming around your outdoor light, consider using a yellow bug light.

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2. LED Bulbs

LED lights are another good choice for outdoor lighting when you want to prevent pests. This is because LEDs emit a very small amount of UV light and heat, which insects find unattractive.

If you're struggling with earwigs or stinkbugs, in particular, consider using this kind of bulb.

3. Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs

Consider compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs for your outdoor lights when you want to prevent pests from entering your home. CFL bulbs emit very little UV light, which means bugs are not as attracted to them. 

They also produce less heat than traditional light bulbs, so they are a good choice for areas where you want to avoid attracting insects.

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4. Sodium Vapor Bulbs

Sodium vapor lights are a great choice for outdoor areas to discourage pests. These bulbs emit a bright white light, which bugs find unappealing. They also produce a lot of heat, so they are ideal for use in areas where you want to keep insects away.

5. Motion-Sensor Lights

You could also get a porch light that only lights when there is movement. Motion-sensor lights are a good choice for outdoor lighting because they're activated only when motion is detected. Meaning pests will be less likely to congregate around your light if it's only on when there's activity nearby.

When it comes to preventing pests from entering your home, using the right type of light bulb is key. 

By choosing a yellow bug light, an LED, CFL or sodium vapor light bulb or motion-sensor lights, you can discourage unwanted visitors from making themselves at home in your yard and around your home.

And if those unwanted visitors turn into unwanted residents, contact Orange Environmental Services today.

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