Why Silverfish Are Active During Winter

Silverfish are destructive pests that get their name from their steel-like outer shell and fish-like style of moving. While no longer in length than a nickel, they can do serious damage to a home, destroying wooden beams and eating clothes, important documents and expensive works of art. These pests cause untold damage all throughout the spring and summer; however, if you think that you’re safe from silverfish in the winter, you’re mistaken. Silverfish are nearly just as active in the cold temperatures as in any other time of the year. Here is why silverfish are resistant to low temperatures, and what you can do to keep them at bay year round. Why Silverfish Don’t Mind the Winter? Unlike many other types of pests, silverfish don’t hibernate. They may slow down and go into a state of diapause, where their development in halted, but they are still active. They are not warm...
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