3 Tips for Rodent Prevention

Rodents are nuisance pests and transmit diseases to people as they invade living spaces. They chew through wires and cause electrical fires up in the attic and behind the walls. They also raid pantries and cabinets, contaminating your food when they break through boxed and bagged goods. Taking preventative measures to stop an infestation will safeguard your family and home from rodents in the future.

Use These 3 Methods to Prevent Rodents

Clean up your yard.

rodent cardClutter and debris lure rodents to your yard. Mice and rats like to build nests inside clutter such as car parts and woodpiles. They also breed while they occupy these spaces, causing a population explosion on your property. Cleaning up the debris and maintaining your lawn will make rodents look for shelter elsewhere.

Block open entryways.

You might have open entryways around your home that give rodents an easy way inside. Mice and rats can climb through pipes and open dryer vents to reach the interior. They'll also squeeze through small gaps under your doors or in the crawlspace. Seal every entryway around your home to stop rodents from invading where you eat and sleep.

Pretreat your home for rodents.

Pest control technicians know where to look for rodent entryways and how to block them with the appropriate methods. They can also detect signs of rodents and use treatments to eliminate them and to stop them from breeding. Preventative solutions are also available to keep rodents away from your home. By pretreating your property for mice and rats, you can stop an infestation and the spread of rodent-borne diseases.

Professional Rodent Control for Your Home

Rodents such as mice and rats invade homes throughout the year. When the winter arrives, they seek shelter indoors and will continue to occupy the space if it provides them with food and safety. Even during the warmer seasons, rodents won't leave their nests inside or outside of your home until they're forcefully removed or eliminated altogether. Orange Environmental will carefully inspect your property for rodents and use the appropriate treatments to remove them. Our trained technicians will also use preventative solutions to stop them from coming indoors and reinfesting your home.

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