3 Pests in Jacksonville to Watch Out For This Halloween Season

While the rest of the country is experiencing cooler temperatures this Halloween, the heat and humidity continue to bring about a wide variety of pests to Jacksonville. If you treat your home to a visit from professional pest control, though, you won't get tricked by a pest lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to infest your property.

With that said, here are three pests to watch out for this Halloween season in Jacksonville.

Don't Let Rummaging Rodents Ruin Your Halloween Nightrodent pl


Mice and rats are common rodent pests that enter homes in Florida in search of food and shelter. They nibble on any kind of foods that humans eat, contaminating them with droppings, urine and hair. The most worrisome danger of these rodents is that they carry and can transmit diseases to humans, including bubonic plague and murine typhus.

Warning Signs of a Rodent Infestation

  • You spot rodent droppings around food packages, under the sink or in cupboards.
  • You notice nesting materials like shredded paper scattered around your home.
  • You find holes in walls and floors that the rodents have created as entry points.

Don't Get Tricked Into Letting In a Sneaky Spider

spiders pl

Spiders belong to the Arachnida classification, which includes organisms that have four pairs of legs, two body regions and no antennae. Although some of the most common spiders in Florida include the jumping spider, the crab spider and the golden silk spider, watch out for the four species of poisonous widow spiders this Halloween.

Warning Signs of a Spider Infestation

  • You find a spider in the dark and secluded areas of your home or garden.
  • You spot orb-shaped or funnel-shaped spider webs in or around your home.
  • You notice burrows rather than webs, which some species of spiders prefer.

Don't Forget to Treat Your Home to a Termite Inspectiontermite card

The southeastern United States is the most vulnerable region to termite infestation, and the country spends about $5 billion annually to repair damage caused by termites. If you live in Jacksonville, which is located in the Southeast, you can bet there are termites waiting to visit your home for Halloween without a friendly knock at the door.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • You hear odd noises coming from the walls, which soldier termites produce to signal danger.
  • You notice flying termites around your home and find discarded wings in it.
  • You find termite frass - or droppings - near wooden items and along your home's foundation.

While the kids are knocking on your front door, the pests are finding sneaky ways to enter it this Halloween. If you're searching for emergency residential or commercial pest control services this autumn, contact Orange Environmental at (888) 450-7915. Whether it's rodents, spiders or termites, our experienced team of pest control professionals is standing by to scare all of the pests out of your home so you can sleep more peacefully at night.

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