World Golf Village, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

Pests do not recognize the distinction between nature and your property. They readily invade indoor spaces in search of food, water, and shelter. Situated in northeast Florida, World Golf Village boasts year-round subtropical weather and other characteristics that provide an ideal breeding ground for several pests, including webworms, termites, and cockroaches. It is important that you take the proper steps to prevent an infestation before these pests damage your property and harm the health of your family.


Less than an inch long, these caterpillars feed on the upper root system and blades of warm seasonal turf and grasses. Webworms typically appear in June. It takes approximately 12 weeks for the caterpillar to grow into an adult moth. For nourishment, they chew away the green tissue leaving only the colorless membrane. Infestations usually occur in dry patches where it is also hot and sunny. As these pests aggressively attack your lawn, they create ragged brown or yellow discolored patches. Webworms can also eat the leaves on your shade or ornamental trees. A number of insects as well as disease can cause brown patches in your lawn. It is important to know the exact cause so that the proper treatment can be applied.


There are four termite species common in the area. Along with eastern and Formosan subterranean termites, the powderpost drywood and Florida dampwood species can also cause an infestation. Hidden inside walls, floor joists and ceilings, a colony can expand by thousands of insects each day. These voracious eaters cause millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. Because they consume wood structural supports, which can weaken the integrity of your home, the damage often results in large repair bills. It is critical to identify the species of termite so that an appropriate prevention or eradication program can be employed.


The most common species of roaches infesting homes in the World Golf Village area are the German and Asian species, which are brown and approximately an inch long. Colloquially known as a Palmetto bug, the large American cockroach usually lives outdoors, but the insect can also invade your home. Once indoors, these pests make their nests in warm, moist places, such as under appliances, around drains and inside cabinets. They can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces with a variety of harmful bacteria, including dysentery and salmonella. Infestation warning signs include egg cases and a musty odor.

Hire a Professional

Our experienced technicians have the expertise required to locate and identify the pests infesting your home. This enables our team to develop a pest control solution tailored to your individual needs. Do-it-yourself sprays, traps, and bait are often ineffective because they use the wrong type or quantity of insecticides. A targeted approach is more effective. Hiring a professional also eliminates the need to store chemicals around you home where they can be accessed by small children and companion animals. Whatever your pest control or lawn care needs, contact Orange Environmental Services for a free quote.