St. John's, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

St. Johns is a midsize town in which anyone would be proud to live, and you will likely enjoy spending time outside in the warm weather for which Florida is known. No matter who you are, you will probably run into a range of pests and will need to respond accordingly, and the key to avoiding harm is to spot the signs of danger in the early stages so that you can move quickly. Not everyone, however, knows what to do when they detect pests in or near their property. Because many pests like the humid air of St. Johns, learning about common invaders and the problems that they can cause is always a smart move.

Chinch Bugs

Florida residents will usually put in their best effort to keep their lawns looking vibrant and healthy, but you might have trouble reaching your desired outcome and not know why. If you strive to care for your lawn without much luck, you are likely the target of chinch bugs. Once they are on your property, they will feed on your grass, causing it to wilt and die in the process. Since they are so small, chinch bugs are not easy to identify, but you have some options that you can try if your mission is to save your lawn. You will want to cut the ends off a metal can and to stick it into the ground, and filling it with water and waiting for 15 minutes will give you a valuable clue. If you spot several insects floating in the water, you are likely facing a chinch bug infestation.


Fleas will target most pet owners, and discovering the common symptoms that dogs and cats experience will work wonders when it comes to solving the problem before it gets any worse. Excessive scratching and missing patches of fur are warning signs that you won't want to overlook. When you suspect your pet of having fleas, carefully separate small sections of fur, and you will have a problem on your hands if you spot small insects that look like black dots. Fleas are excellent jumpers and will spend their entire lives on a single host. Although they prefer animals, fleas will also target people if they become overcrowded.


Ticks are another pest about which you will want to learn in your quest to protect yourself, your home and your furry friends from harm. Unlike fleas, ticks can't jump and will only stay on a host long enough to consume a meal. Sitting on weeds and blades of grass, ticks will wait for a host to get within range so that they can make their move. If you notice unexplained bumps or scabs on your pet, ticks could be to blame. Because they don't know about the danger, some people don't take action when they see ticks in their home or on their pets. These pests can spread diseases, so addressing the issue promptly is vital.

Orange Environmental Services

The team at Orange Environmental Services has handled pest problems of all sizes, and we have what it takes to meet your needs. No matter the extent of your problem, we will rid your home and yard of any invaders that have been causing trouble, and you will know that you are in good hands. If you would like to learn more or to get a free quote, we invite you to give us a call.