Jacksonville Rodent Control & Extermination

jacksonville rodent controlA rodent problem can cause anxiety for every member of the household. It is disturbing to worry about whether mice or rats are burrowing into your stored food or carrying and spreading disease inside your home. Health and safety hazards abound. What if a rodent bites your child or pet? Contacting professional rat exterminators is your best course of action. Orange Environmental Services offers Jacksonville rodent control and extermination services for rats, mice and more. Our professionals can ensure that your home or business remains rodent free.

Contact a professional for rodent control in Jacksonville

If you glimpse a fleeing mouse or spot evidence of a rodent in your kitchen pantry, it is probable that more than one rodent has taken up residence in your household. After all, as the saying goes, “where there is one, there are many.” Unfortunately, most home trapping solutions only address the one mouse or rat you see, while others are living and breeding elsewhere in the home. Orange Environmental Services will know where to look for hidden dwellings and address the infestation as a whole.

Do not attempt to manage your rodent infestation by yourself. It is simply more efficient and effective to let a professional exterminator complete the task. When you try to use chemicals yourself, you risk leaving dead animals in areas you may not know about and spreading dangerous poison that your children or pets discover later. Attempting to use traps on your own may not be worth the risk due to removal issues. A rodent exterminator will work with you in dealing with the mice or rats in your home. If chemical poisoning solutions are necessary, your exterminator will take steps to make sure that the health and safety of your family is protected and any removal issues are handled. If you prefer, many exterminators offer a “trap and remove” method as a solution to rodent issues.

Orange Environmental is your rodent control professional

Once the immediate rodent problem is handled, your professional mouse control company will work with you to make sure that the entry points used by mice or rats are pointed out and if possible, closed off. Our Jacksonville rodent control professionals will also know what needs to be done to make sure you do not have a recurring rodent problem. An infestation is best handled by a professional who will make sure the issue is properly addressed and help protect your home and family from future infestations. Contact Orange Environmental Services today, our professionals have been serving the Jacksonville area for over 39 years!