Mosquito Spraying in Jacksonville, FL & Surrounding Areas

Florida – the land of abundant sunshine and coastlines. It's famous for its beaches and other tourist attractions but also for its heat and humidity. Jacksonville and the surrounding areas get pretty hot during the summer, creating the perfect environment for mosquitoes. Without professional control, these harmful pests can get out of hand. If mosquitoes have made life miserable for you and your family, Orange Environmental Services wants to help.

Mosquitoes in the Jacksonville Area

Although the Atlantic Coast breezes offer Jacksonville some cooling relief, it's still pretty hot and humid for much of the year. The subtropical climate provides mosquitoes with the right environment in which to breed thanks to sporadic rain showers throughout the week. Female mosquitoes love wet areas since they need standing water for their eggs, making Jacksonville a prime destination area for these pest insects.

Mosquito Pest Control in Jacksonville

Orange Environmental Services specializes in mosquito control, helping to combat infestations across residential and commercial properties throughout the Jacksonville area. To combat an infestation, it pays to understand a mosquito's behavior and what it needs for survival.

Mosquitoes feed mainly in the morning and evening.

Although some mosquito species feed throughout the day, others prefer to eat in the early morning and evening hours. If you want to avoid nasty bites and contagious diseases, it's best to cover up exposed skin or to wear a proven mosquito repellent during these times.

They congregate around standing water.

After it rains, standing water is left over in log holes, around your foundation, in cracks along the driveway and in other sunken areas on your property. Your dog's water bowl and a birdbath attract female mosquitoes from miles around. Mosquitoes require water for breeding, so it's best to eliminate standing water whenever possible.

Mosquitoes need a place to rest.

When mosquitoes aren't feeding or breeding, they're resting on tall grass or overgrown brush. If you want to prevent an infestation, you'll need to keep the grass cut short, to eliminate tall weeds and to prune the hedges periodically. Otherwise, you'll give mosquitoes a place to rest while they wait for their next blood meal.

Professional Mosquito Spraying Service in Jacksonville

A spraying service ensures a pest-free yard during peak mosquito season. These pests don't respond to quick spot treatments like other insects do, so regular over-the-counter and do-it-yourself products won't always provide the expected results. Spraying in areas where mosquitoes rest and breed helps to eliminate their presence and to prevent further infestations.

Contact Orange Environmental Services for a free estimate from our qualified, experienced technicians. We'll provide a thorough inspection of your property and locate potential breeding and resting sites. Once they're identified, we'll remedy the situation and eliminate the infestation. We'll also use prevention techniques to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, giving you a pest-free area in which to enjoy with your friends, family and pets.