Middleburg, FL Pest Control

Commercial Existing 300Middleburg, Florida is a small town in the northern part of the state that offers plenty of natural vistas, warm breezes from the Atlantic and a tight-knit community. Located only 20 miles from the coast, it is the perfect locale for those who love beach days. Those preferring to stay in town can enjoy the local arts and culture in the quintessentially cozy downtown. It is also less than an hour to the major metropolis of Jacksonville where plenty of residents drive five days each week.

Despite the many commuters, plenty of residents work in town at local shops and offices. They are also proud to call Middleburg home, with many living near downtown. However, the Florida climate and local flora and fauna make this area a great place for pests to call home as well. To keep residences and businesses in good shape, individuals must stay on top of pest control indoors as well as outdoors. At Orange Environmental Services, our goal is to help with proven treatments that are safe for children and pets.

Residential Pest Control

Many of our treatments begin in residential areas where our customers want to relax without worrying about being stung by a bee, finding a mouse skittering across the yard or watching a line of ants march across the kitchen. Residential pest control with Orange begins with a complete inspection so that we can determine exactly which pests are causing problems and where they are entering the yard or home. We will then pick the best initial treatment and recommend a continuing treatment plan to keep the residence pest-free year-round.

Commercial Pest Control

In addition, our experienced service providers also treat commercial buildings afflicted with pest problems. We can treat schools, offices, retail spaces, hotels and more in Middleburg using our safe and environmentally friendly treatments to improve a business’s reputation. With our proven treatments, business owners can get rid of pests and keep them from returning.

Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on treating just about any type of pest that one could find in Middleburg, including the following most commonly seen ones.

We have provided superior pest control services for Middleburg, Florida, and the surrounding area for over 45 years. While we are proud of the work we do and the variety of treatment options we offer, we are proudest of our high customer satisfaction rating. We know that the comfort, safety and health of your home and business are important to you. Therefore, we recommend that you call our office today to learn more about what we offer and to get your free service quote.