Lawn Aeration Services

People understand that the key to a healthy lawn is keeping it watered and fertilized. As time passes, the soil may compact, which makes it difficult for nutrients to reach the roots. The process of aeration helps to loosen the dirt so that the grass can thrive. Aeration is the process of air exchange with the soil and the surrounding environment. Small plugs of thatch are removed from the ground so that natural aeration can occur more easily.

In Jacksonville, Florida, it is essential to keep soil from compressing. At Orange Environmental Services, we are ready to help you aerate your lawn and make it as healthy as possible.

Why is Lawn Aeration Important in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is in a region of Florida where rainstorms are common. As lawns become filled with water, clogs in the soil keep water and essential nutrients from reaching the roots. Aeration keeps the soil loose. Besides heightening the health of your grass, your drainage will be better as well. This means that your yard will always be ready for a neighborhood party. After aeration, it will be easier to fertilize your lawn effectively, cushioning underneath the feet will be improved, and a stronger root system will result.

Why is it Difficult to Complete Lawn Aeration Without Help?

Lawn aeration is a difficult process to complete without assistance. It is best to hire a professional lawn care company for help.

Specialized Equipment. To aerate a lawn, having the right equipment is necessary. This is quite expensive for the average homeowner. A professional company will have the items needed to get to work.
Experience. Most people do not have the experience or knowledge needed to aerate a lawn properly. At Orange Environmental Services, we understand the climate and grass types in Jacksonville.
Takes Time. Core aeration is the recommended method of aeration. However, this requires a plan for plug removal and coverage around trees and bushes.

Managing Thatch is Challenging. Performing aeration correctly requires you to leave the proper amount of thatch to lower soil compaction. If too much is left, there will be few benefits achieved from aerating. Not enough will negatively impact you lawn's health. Professionals know how to complete aeration without problems.

Safety is Compromised. The equipment used for core aeration is heavy and dangerous. Large holes are jabbed into the ground with a steel tool. It is essential to watch for underground cables and to protect your feet.

When you need help keeping your lawn as healthy as possible, consider working with Orange Environmental Services. We have the knowledge and equipment to aerate your lawn correctly. Also, we take special care to use procedures and products that are safe for the environment. "Our name may be orange, but we think green." For all of your lawn care needs, call us today at 904-272-3284.