Jacksonville, FL Pest Control

The metropolis of Jacksonville, Florida, is the most highly populated city in the state as well as in the southeastern United States. Despite its large size and huge population, it retains a small-town charm with plenty of family-friendly activities, including the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens as well as the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Of course, it is also a popular beach destination with plenty of sun-bathing, swimming and surfing at Jacksonville Beach. It is also an excellent destination for golfing, dining, shopping and much more.

Living in Jacksonville certainly has its perks, but there is also one specific downside to living in this warm, humid climate. Pests of all types seem to proliferate quickly, making their way towards cooler foundations, under mulch in the yard and even through tiny cracks around doors and windows where they find more hospitable conditions. At Orange Environmental Services, we make it our goal to protect residents and business owners in Jacksonville from the negative consequences of living near these pests through a variety of protection plans to best meet our customers’ needs.

Residential Pest Control

Whether you are moving into a new home or want to make your older home the best that it can be, you will want to create a plan to get existing pests out of your home and yard and to keep them out in the future. In Jacksonville, there are numerous types of insects and rodents that can create huge problems. With our array of treatment plans, we can find pests’ nests, thoroughly eradicate them and keep them off your property in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

We can also provide complete pest control services for all types of businesses, including warehouses, offices, stores and more. Our simple, safe and effective treatments keep your employees happy, give your business a great reputation and keep your office safe.

Services We Offer

Our individualized service plans, annual treatment plans and one-time treatment options are customized for your unique needs and concerns. We treat dozens of pests that are common in Jacksonville and also offer lawn services, including the following:

For over 45 years, we have been happy to offer all of our clients the best pest control services available using cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date knowledge of the subject. Today we are proud to offer environmentally friendly services that support your desire to live in harmony with the earth while also keeping your home and business safe from irritating and harmful pests. Call Orange Environmental Services today to learn more about how we can help you with one or more of our popular service packages, and ask us for a free service quote.