Pest Control In Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville stands as Florida's most populous city, and it's where the St. John’s River merges with the Atlantic Ocean. In this charming city, the residents get to enjoy a subtropical climate as well as a wide variety of things to do.

Unfortunately, pests are also attracted to Jacksonville's year-round festivities, lovely weather, and diverse neighborhoods. The reason is that these things provide pests with the four things they need to survive: optimal temperature, shelter, food, and moisture. As a resident, you will find termites, fleas and pesky rodents living and swarming in your community. Such critters target homes and businesses alike, and when they invade a building, they like to find the most obscure place to nest and feed.


Termites are more than just a nuisance for property owners in Jacksonville. They are a destructive force that can wreak havoc on your property faster than you may think, and you won't know the extent of the damage early on. Drywood termites, subterranean termites, and dampwood termites are the most active species in Jacksonville. While a drywood colony can cause a significant amount of structural and cosmetic damage, the subterranean colony has the worst reputation. Formosan subterranean termites are known for destroying more wood structures. According to the Termite Infestation Probability Zones, Florida is among the states that are heavily affected by these pesky critters. Fortunately, bringing in a professional exterminator is the simplest and most effective way to combat an infestation.


Fleas are opportunistic insects that have a strong appetite for blood. They will attack and feed on humans, domestic pets, and wild animals whenever they can, and they are able to go 100 days or more without eating. While there are more than 2,000 species of fleas in the world, it's believed that Florida has only 19 species. The most active one is the cat flea. These wingless insects are typically light red or dark brown. Because they are small with strong legs and a compressed shape, they can easily move through thick hair and fur. Luckily, no matter the scope of the infestation problem, flea control is possible. A professional exterminator has the right equipment and skills to find and eliminate fleas once and for all.


Rodents are always on the lookout for a new place to call their own. They will settle for any building that provides adequate shelter and food. Once an infestation develops, a significant amount of damage can be inflicted on your home. It all depends on which rodent is the culprit. Homes and businesses are mainly targeted by rats, squirrels, and mice. These uninvited visitors can spread leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, hantavirus and a number of other diseases. Fortunately, it's easy to know if there's an infestation because rodents emit a distinct odor and leave behind droppings. They also create oily smears and gnaw marks on furniture and electrical wiring. The safest way to nip an infestation in the bud is to let a professional exterminator deal with it.

The Best Solution

When your home or business is invaded by pests or rodents, it's imperative that you take swift action because ignoring the problem allows the critters to cause more damage to your property. Keep this in mind, and call Orange Environmental Services for a free quote on pest control services.