Jacksonville Beach, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

When you think of the beach, your mind probably drifts to cool waves, the smell of suntan lotion and spending time in the sun. You don't, however, think of annoying pests invading your space. Unfortunately, residents in Jacksonville Beach can't escape pests like mosquitoes, termites and chinch bugs. If these pests have you reaching for the bug spray, Orange Environmental Services has something more effective to offer.

Pest Problems in Jacksonville Beach

It's the daily heat and humidity that provide the ideal environment for pests to breed in Jacksonville. The city also sees occasional afternoon thunderstorms, which blanket the ground with puddles. Some pests use these puddles for breeding and increasing their population by the thousands.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes cause more harm than good as they infect people with Zika, West Nile and other viruses. They rest on overgrown grasses and come out in the early morning and evening hours to feed on blood. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water and usually stay within one mile of where they were born. We combat mosquitoes using curative and preventative methods to ensure eradication.

Termite Control

When termites locate a food source, they stay there until it's gone. They feed on cellulose and raise their young within the same source, such as a log or a house. They cause billions of dollars in damages each year as they chew through homes and other wooden structures. Termite colonies will continue to expand within a home unless professional exterminators treat the area. We specialize in treating termite colonies and preventing their return, keeping your home or business safe in the Jacksonville area.

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bug infestations can cause real problems for residents in Jacksonville Beach. They're attracted to sunny areas, which is almost everywhere in Florida. These bugs hide out in thatch and thick grasses where they can eat and damage the turfgrass. You likely have a chinch bug infestation if you see large dead patches in your lawn. The damage can also look like a few dead spots when they're contained to a localized area. Without professional pest control, your lawn will only get worse as the chinch bug population grows and takes over your yard.

Professional Pest Control in Jacksonville Beach

Contact Orange Environmental Services in Jacksonville Beach to learn more about our specialty services. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to treat almost any pest. We also specialize in lawn maintenance and can rid your property of invasive insects, returning your grass to a healthy condition. Whether you want to protect your family from dangerous mosquitoes or to keep lawn pests from ruining the grass, we're ready to treat your property and to keep stubborn insects away from you and your home.