Fleming Island, FL Pest Control

With a warm humid climate and mild to hot temperatures all year, Fleming Island provides a perfect environment for many pests. The city's proximity to John's River adds to the risks. With plenty of insects, humans, and food in homes or garbage cans, pests thrive in Fleming Island. These are a few common ones reported by residents.


Two of the most common cockroaches found indoors are the American roach and the German roach. American cockroaches tend to be larger and may be several inches long as adults. These reddish-brown pests are commonly referred to as palmetto bugs by locals. German cockroaches are lighter brown in color and are usually an inch or shorter in length. You may also see Asian cockroaches on ground-level floors. They are shiny, black and large.

Cockroaches come into your home in search of food. They eat anything from bacteria residue in sinks or tubs to food in poorly sealed containers. Since cockroaches regurgitate and defecate where they eat, they contaminate food supplies and surfaces. You will usually see them in bathrooms or kitchens. Traps and sprays only kill a few roaches. However, they breed fast and can build large colonies no matter how many traps and sprays are used.


Argentine ants are becoming one of the most problematic pests in Florida. They kill all other ant colonies in your yard. When they do this, they eliminate helpful ants that eat harmful insects. The harmful insects are then free to destroy your garden, lawn, and trees. Fire ants can be problematic if you are allergic to their stings. These pests are aggressive and will sting multiple times.

You may also see carpenter ants. If you notice that wood on your eaves or in your garage has a bubbled or rough appearance, there may be ants in it. Carpenter ants chew large spaces in wood to create their colonies. However, they eat anything from fresh meat and sugar to aphids and rotting trash. Any ant infestation can contaminate your food supply, which may be costly to replace. Also, some ants bite and cause itchy bumps to form on your skin.


There are several types of termites in Florida. While some chew dry wood products such as foundation studs, wallpaper, and photos, others chew rotting tree stumps and damp piles of firewood. Subterranean termites are one of the worst types because of how quickly their colonies grow and how aggressively they chew any type of wood product. Termites cost people over $5 billion in damages each year across America.

If you have a termite problem, the first sign may be mud tubes along your foundation. The size and distribution of tubes may indicate the stage of an infestation, which a professional can determine. You may also notice bubbled or gnawed wood and piles of wings from swarmers after they shed them. Always call a professional when you see any of these signs or a stray termite.

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