What's Biting Me? Pests that Bite

Indoor and outdoor pest bites can range from completely harmless to annoying to life-threatening. Learning about the world and the environment around you can help you to understand the risks they pose. Most insects won’t bother you if you don’t go near them, but sometimes they are the ones that are invading your space. Read on to learn more about what kinds of pests bite and what the risks are. 


Mosquito bites are probably the most common pest bites, especially in hotter, more humid environments where they thrive. The bites are small, sometimes sharp, and can leave an itchy red bump on your skin. Most mosquito bites are ultimately harmless, but in rare cases, they can harbor diseases like West Nile Virus. 

Fire Ants or Red Ants 

These ants aren’t just the type to bother you at a picnic. These ants are an aggressive breed that has a painful bite. For some people, the bite will be red and leave a burning sensation. For those more sensitive to insect bites, it could potentially trigger an allergic reaction. If you are bitten by a red ant and then have severe swelling or difficulty breathing, then you should seek immediate medical attention. 


Fleas bite humans as well as their pets. They can leave small red bumps in clusters where they bit you. These bumps often itch and have a small red halo surrounding them. Fleas also tend to bite legs and feet, so if you have many red bumps in that area, then you may have a flea infestation in your home. 

Bed Bugs 

Similar to fleas, bed bugs like to bite in clusters. They’re attracted to warm bodies and will bite any exposed skin. If you have red, itchy, hive-like bumps on your body, consider inspecting your mattress and bedding for bed bugs. 


Another pest you should be aware of is lice. They can come in different species that can affect the hair on your head, your pubic region, or the hair on the rest of your body. They can be incredibly small, sometimes mistaken for dandruff. If your scalp or skin is itchy and flaky, you could have a lice infestation. 

Call a Professional

If you are unsure of what to do, contact Orange Environmental Services. From there, a licensed professional can help diagnose what kind of pest bite you may have and how to move forward in making sure they are eradicated from your home.

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