Should You Have a Termite Inspection Done Before Buying a House?

Termites can ruin any new homeowner’s day. Buying a house here in Northeastern Florida is an expensive and important decision. So why wouldn’t you want to get it inspected for termites before buying?

It's important to be sure that the home you purchase is healthy and in good shape before you hand over any cash. Termite infestations can cost you both mentally and financially if you are not careful. 

A common question we get here at Orange Environmental Services is, “Should You Have a Termite Inspection Done Before Buying a House?” Our answer is always the same: YES!

Let’s take a look at some reasons why your potential new home needs a termite inspection.

Why Get a Termite Inspection Done Before Buying a House?

To identify that a termite problem exists in the first place

The homeowners of Florida usually consider termite inspections to be an afterthought in the buying process. They aren’t looking for an inspection until the second or third inspection, and when they finally get one, it’s too late.

To see if there’s damage to the structure of the home

Chewed up or rotted support beams can be disastrous for any type of structure, but you certainly don’t want this in a home you are buying

Electrical damage

Although they don’t normally chew through wiring, that doesn’t stop termites from chewing around the areas that hold your electrical wiring in place.

How Much Damage Can Termites Do?

Termites cause major damage by chewing through untreated woods and other materials. This is a big problem for older homes made primarily of wood. 

Any untreated area with wood is vulnerable to a termite invasion. Termites are small and can get into the tiniest of spaces. 

Even newer homes can be damaged by termites. These bugs love to eat through materials such as drywall during the construction of the home or even improvement projects. In the end, a termite infestation might cost you thousands in repair costs. 

What To Expect From a Home Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection is more than just looking for spiders and roaches. Most pest companies offer a list of things you can look for in the home to assess the level of danger. 

On a typical inspection checklist, you will find the following issues: 

  • See if they are in any unusual spots such as drippings and wet spots in the kitchen or bathroom. They are often present in the kitchen for reasons such as rats or mice. 
  • The pest control technician will also look for racks in the walls to determine if termites or other pests can get in.
  • They will also inspect the window and door areas for holes in screens and glass.
  • They will check behind appliances for pest infestation and breeding grounds.
  • Your technician will also inspect the outside of the house to include the roof area and garage.
  • When the inspection is complete you’ll be presented with any problems and come up with a pest control plan if you wish.

Why Orange Environmental Services Can Make Sure You Have a Happy Move Into Your New Home

Since 1972 our family-owned business has served and earned the trust of our customers here in Northeastern Florida. They value our opinion and expertise in pest control and we truly appreciate them.

Whether your problem is due to termites or any other pest, we can take care of the problem safely and professionally. No pest is too big or too tough for us to handle. 

Contact Orange Environmental Services today before you buy that new home. 

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