Rodents in the Home: Top Hiding Places


rodentsRodents are considered to be mammals, and they are identified by their sharp teeth. The Latin term is rodere, and this translates into gnawing. Rodents are known for their ability to gnaw into various parts of the home when searching for food. They might tear up a part of the wall in order to gain entrance into a room where they smell food, for example. Getting rid of these pests can be difficult because they are adept at hiding in obscure parts of the property. Our professional pest-control experts can answer any questions you may have about rodent control.

Here are the five top places rodents may hide in the home:

1. Attics: The attic is a space just under the roof, and it is usually secluded from the rest of the home. Rats can climb into these areas without being detected quite easily. Other rodents may also appear in the attic because it is usually free from the scent of humans. It may also attract rodents who feed on insects and spiders, which tend to thrive in the attic.

2. Crawlspaces: These are spaces that some buildings have, and they allow people to crawl through one area and into another. Crawlspaces may join different rooms in the same vicinity, for example. They are also the places where pipes and other plumbing fixtures are located. Rodents can build their nests in these secluded areas that people do not use frequently.

3. Basements: There are many places for rodents to build nests in the basement areas of your home. They enter these spaces through tiny cracks and other small openings. Some of these areas have spaces to allow the pipes to travel through the walls and into the basement area. Rodents can travel on the pipes and arrive in the basement, which has dark and moist conditions.

4. Inside walls: Some rodents will stay inside the walls to build their nests instead of traveling to the basement or other secluded areas of the home. These nests are difficult to eliminate because they are surrounded by so many barriers and obstacles. If there is a rodent infestation inside of the walls of your home, you will require professional assistance to eliminate them from your property.

5. Garage and tool sheds: Tool sheds and garages also provide a refuge for rodents. These areas usually get cluttered quickly, and that is an invitation for a rodent infestation. They will enter the garage through tiny openings and other cracks. This is sometimes possible when the garage door goes up as well.

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Professional extermination services can get rid of rodent infestations in any area of your home or garden. Many rodents enter the premises because they are attracted to a scent that resembles food or water. Moist areas of the home, pantries and places where insects hide also tend to attract rodents. Certain rodents can live on smaller vermin, so it is important to get rid of the infestation as soon as possible. Contact us for an estimate.

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