Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

With spring quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about getting your lawn prepped for the season. Without proper maintenance, your lawn will suffer.

Our experts here at Orange Environmental Services field a lot of calls about how to best take care of their lawns as warmer weather approaches. Read on to find out how to prepare your lawn for spring.

Get Your Lawn Cleaned Up

Making sure your lawn is clear of last year’s debris is essential. Clearing up any leaves, sticks and other materials ensures your lawn has a chance to breathe. Your grass will be able to absorb more sunlight and grow faster. 

Mulch serves a dual purpose if you add it back to your lawn, as your grass can absorb additional nutrients from it. Add mulch around any plants or bushes that border your yard or home. Maintaining proper yard maintenance will keep your yard looking its best.  

When there’s warm weather, count on weeds attempting to take control of your lawn. Weeds are quite capable of choking your lawn, as their root systems take over anything they are growing next to. 

The key to wiping out weeds is to identify which type they are. Our experts will happily schedule an inspection to help you determine what problems your yard may have, and find the perfect solution. We have effective solutions to eliminate weed problems.

Set Up a Mowing Schedule

A common mistake homeowners make is not mowing their lawn at proper intervals. Most people wait two or three weeks between mowing, but that frequency should increase during the spring. 

As long as the weather holds up, try mowing your lawn every five to six days. Doing this for at least six weeks, your lawn will become much more thicker and lush.

Our skilled yard technicians are more than happy to maintain your lawn, including planning out and performing scheduled mowing and yard maintenance for you.  

Why Orange Environmental Services Can Help With Your Lawn Needs

Our company has proudly served the Jacksonville, Florida area since 1972. We offer a complete yard maintenance service to our customers, ensuring they have the best lawn care options available to them. 

Contact Orange Environmental Services today if you have additional questions or to schedule an appointment with us.

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