How Does Pest Prevention Work?

Pests are a problem that every property owner wants to avoid. You can keep pests out of your office or home by using proven prevention methods that stop pest issues from ever becoming a serious problem. The approaches to prevention that are available in today's world are effective for all properties, including properties that have a long history of pest problems. You should be sure to implement prevention measures if you have found pests on your premises in the past. Pest prevention can also be important for new properties that are vulnerable to invaders from the natural world.

Preventing Pests from Entering Your Property

In the initial stages of a pest prevention project, professionals usually start by identifying entry holes that pests could use. Aging properties often have holes around windows and doors that can be plugged with spacers or wall joint compound. If you are building a new home, you could consider encompassing exterior walls with modern housewrap made from synthetic materials that make it almost impossible for pests to come inside. Special care is necessary near foundations since pests often enter properties from the ground level.

Chasing Indoor Pests Away

In some cases, eliminating entry holes is insufficient for addressing pest problems. Property owners may need to implement active controls to encourage pests to leave or to eliminate their motivation for coming inside. Removing sources of food is an initial step that Orange Environmental Services recommends for property owners struggling with pest problems. You may, however, need to use modern control measures to encourage indoor pests to leave. Ultrasonic emitters that are not audible to the human ear are effective for chasing away both animals and insects. In extreme cases, you may need to have your property fumigated to thoroughly eradicate nests or large populations of pests.

Outdoor Pest Prevention

If you are having issues with outdoor pests, there are solutions available that can resolve your problems. You can install fences to make it difficult for large predators, such as wolves and bears, to get near your pets. As with indoor environments, ultrasonic equipment can be viable for discouraging outdoor pests from wandering onto your property. Targeted control measures are necessary for pests that are living on your yard, but the right prevention methods can keep them from coming back.

Taking the First Step

To get optimal results from pest prevention, you need to implement a tailored solution designed for the specific problems you are facing. Contact Orange Environmental Services to help you to identify and implement the right pest prevention solution that fits your needs.

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