Four Florida Winter Lawn Care Tips

Due to Florida’s warm climate, many residents think that they do not have to winterize their lawns. This is false, as there is still lawn care that should be done to maintain a healthy yard. Temperatures still drop during the winter in Florida, which can be damaging to grass. Here are four Florida winter lawn care tips so you can maintain a healthy lawn

1. Keep Grass Tall

People in colder climates often mow their grass to an extremely short height to prepare for winter. In Florida’s warm climate, you should avoid this practice. Leaving your grass a little bit taller during the winter will protect the roots from the cold weather, in which case less grass will die during the season. If roots are protected, you will have more green grass in the spring when the cold months are over. 

2. Do not Fertilize

Lawn experts recommend that you do not fertilize your Florida lawn after September and at the very latest, October. Fertilizing too close to the winter season can cause the grass to grow unnecessarily. During the winter, you want the grass to be a little bit taller, but not enough so the cold temperatures will damage it. Fertilizing throughout the spring and summer will provide your lawn with more than enough nutrients to be healthy.

3. Over-Seed Your Lawn

Many Florida lawns tend to look dry and dull during the winter months. If you want to keep your grass looking green, over-seed your yard before winter starts. These nutrients will encourage green color and keep grass looking alive, instead of flat and gray. However, remember that this is different from fertilizing – you do not want to fertilize during the winter at all. 

4. Water Less

During the winter, your lawn does not need as much water because the growth of your grass has stopped. Water your lawn every one to two weeks. If you think your grass might need watering, look for footprints in the grass. If you see footprints after it has been walked on, you definitely have a thirsty lawn.

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