DIY Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control: Which is More Effective?

When you have a pest problem, you likely want to take care of it right away. Like a lot of people, you head down to your local store and purchase whatever you see on the shelf.

Here at Orange Environmental Solutions, we get asked about pest control methods everyday. This article will explain which pest control methods work best for certain situations and which benefits you best.

DIY Pest Control 

DIY methods are effective in certain situations. But, using the wrong method will make the situation worse. Unfortunately, this happens more than we care to admit. For example, products that kill ants might not be effective against termites or wasps. 

Professional Pest Control

Credible pest control companies know which type of pest control measure to take for any situation they are presented with. They will have a plan to not only get rid of the current problem, but one to prevent future infestations as well.

What about dangerous pests?

You will need professional services to take care of dangerous pests. You do not want to take on a large bee hive or hornet’s nest on your own? The same goes for a large population of mice or racoons infesting your home or business. 

Chemical vs. Biological Pest Control

When we talk about poison chemicals, a lot of us assume these are for killing the pest. They are. But that’s not all they do. 

Pesticides also create secondary poisons in the environment. These poisons can make you sick and kill pets and humans. Controlling insects and pests with poison is dangerous and irresponsible.

If you don't know about the chemicals you are using, leave it to the trained and certified professionals. We have the right pest control measures that won’t harm small kids and pets. 

Why Orange Environment Services is the Right Choice for Pest Control

Our company has over 45 years of experience in pest control. Our customers trust us, and with good reason. Our experienced staff can answer any questions and concerns you might have. 

Our trained and certified pest control technicians can handle any type of pest problem you have with efficiency and a professional attitude.

If you live in the Northeast Florida area, contact Orange Environmental Services today to get started.

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