Common Pests of Northern Florida that Thrive in the Summer

We live in a virtual paradise that brings the world to our doorsteps. Our area not only attracts vacationers but also, unfortunately, bothersome pests during the hot, humid summer months. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the pests that are most common in our area in the summertime. 

Chinch Bugs

Though they are almost invisible, chinch bugs are a considerable irritant. They feed on wheat and cornfields that grow during the summer months as well as backyards. They have small black bodies and silver wings that measure about four millimeters. Chinch bugs often cause damage along driveways and sidewalks and to crops as well. A chinch bug invasion is likely to present if and when you see yellow or brown patches in fields or landscapes.


Cockroaches are an enemy to any home due to their association with waste and many diseases. Roaches love heat and thrive in tropical, moist climates. They feed on foods and cardboard containers that accumulate during the social summer months. All species of cockroaches should immediately be identified and eliminated. 


Lovebugs are known for their amorous habit of attaching to their mates and flying together for days and weeks. These pests have black bodies with redheads and measure about six to nine millimeters long. They are most active for about five to six weeks in the summer. Lovebugs are most troublesome due to their acidic bodies that cause damage to the metal components on your car and to other surfaces on which they land or fall.  


Mosquitoes are often associated with summer because of their breeding habits. Mosquitoes tend to congregate and breed during the hottest months of the year. They lay their eggs in areas of standing water and are attracted to the sweaty skin of their victims. Mosquitoes carry a host of diseases, including malaria, Zika virus and West Nile virus. Take every step you can to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. 


Whiteflies have earned their name because of their distinctive color. They carry a waxy, white substance on their bodies and wings that destroy plants. Whiteflies tend to nest on the underside of leaves and go undetected until severe damage is done. Withering plants and crops can be a sign of a whitefly infestation.

Free your home from the plague of common summer pests. Look to the professionals at Orange Environmental Services. We understand the particular breeds that threaten the peace and safety of our area during the summer months and throughout the year. Our dedicated, family-owned business has been proudly servicing northeastern Florida since 1972. Contact Orange Environmental Services as your first step in reclaiming your property from dangerous pests.

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