Common Hiding Places for Rodents

If you think you have rodents in your home, it's essential you find ways to keep the problem under control so that it does not get any worse. Rodents can damage your property and spread diseases if you give them the chance. You can keep rodents at bay when you know the warning signs for which to look, but learning where they like to hide in your home also helps. The following guide allows you to detect and address rodents before they have time to cause any more issues, and you will achieve peace of mind.


Basements often contain clutter, moisture and stored food, making them the perfect place for rodents to hide. Basements offer plenty of food and materials for nests, and rodents can thrive in these environments for months before you notice them. To get inside, they usually enter through a small hole or opening in one of your walls, or they can get inside when you leave a window open. Look for chewed bags and rodent droppings in your basement if you think you have an infestation on your hands.

Inside Attics

Most attics are isolated from the rest of the house and are the perfect place for a range of rodents to call home. When they get inside and make themselves at home, they will have no shortage of supplies from which to build a nest. Rodents that access your attic can damage insulation and cause other problems you don't want to overlook if you care about your property. Prevent rodents from getting into your attic by sealing holes and placing a few traps, which will stop the problem in the early stages. Being proactive is a smart way to reduce your odds of facing a rodent problem in your attic, and you will be pleased by what you can do.

Inside Your Walls

The walls in your home allow rodents to climb up or down, and they will be able to access almost any area of your home. It's not uncommon for rodents to chew holes through your walls so that they can get into your kitchen and eat your food. Not stopping the threat gives rodents time to chew on your wires and create a fire hazard. You might hear scratching noises coming from your walls if rodents are near.

Orange Environmental Services

If you are looking in these common places and detect signs of rodents, you don't want to handle the problem alone. Instead of using at-home solutions that won't always work well, contact Orange Environmental Services. We will learn about your situation and needs so that we can craft an approach unique to your problem. When we dispatch a team to your home or place of business, our experts will search for and contain any rodents that have tried to give you trouble. If you are ready to take action and move forward, pick up your phone and give us a call right away.

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