Can Rats be Exterminated With Traps?

Rats are tenacious little pests. If left unchecked, rats can contaminate your food, spread diseases around your house, eat tunnels through walls, and even chew through electrical wires, causing potential fire hazards in your home. However, with the right know-how, these aggravating pests can be eradicated from your house with relative ease in a short period of time.

Defense Against Rats

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when mounting a defense against rats. First, don’t be shy with the number of traps you place. You may be surprised by how many rats you had lurking around. Also, before you buy traps, make sure they are for rats and not mice as most mice traps are not big enough for rats.

When laying down snap-traps, put them in high traffic locations such as dark corners, attics, under furniture, around appliances and near crawl spaces. Also, make sure that the traps are facing the walls as rats like to use walls to sneak around the house. This way, the traps will be in locations where rats already like to travel, making them more likely to be caught. For best results, put traps about 15 feet apart from one another to cover more ground.

To protect pets and small children, you can put traps in cardboard boxes with small holes cut into them. Since rats can crawl through any opening larger than its head, this method will allow rats into the boxes where the trap will be waiting for them while keeping dogs and toddlers safe from its dangerous jaws.

Eliminating Large Rat Populations

One tactic for eliminating large parts of a rat population is through placing unset traps around the house and in the yard and baiting them. After a few days, the rats will become accumulated to the contraptions, and more of them will approach at once. Then set all the traps and kill as many as you can before they begin to realize how dangerous they are. Take out enough, and the colony will die off before it can repopulate, ending your rodent troubles for good.

When baiting, you can use the classic ‘piece of cheese,’ but you can also use peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate, honey or bread.

Come morning, after the traps have done their job, carefully dispose of the deceased rats without letting them touch your bare skin. You can use rubber gloves if you have them. Then wash the traps and reset them until the infestation has ended.

Rats can cause untold amounts of headaches, but fortunately, with a little ingenuity, having a rat-free house is only a few steps away. For more information or for professional services to handle all your pest control needs, contact us today.

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