Best Ways to Pest Proof Your Home: Expert Tips from Pest Control Professionals

Nobody wants to have an infestation in their home. A quick stroll down the aisle in any home improvement store will find shelf after shelf of do-it-yourself remedies made to help keep your home pest-free -- and yet, they still manage to find a way in.

But is it possible to keep pests out of your house? Yes, it is. With the right knowledge and precautions you can make your home pest-free and keep it that way. Here are four tips from the experts:

Seal up the Cracks ...

The first thing you need to do is make sure bugs and rodents can’t get in from the outside. Even the smallest openings are big enough to let critters in, so finding and sealing up holes and cracks that can let them in is the first and most important step.

… Even on the Inside

Once they find a way in, the next thing they’ll do is find a place to hide and make a nest. Insects love to find small cracks in out-of-the-way places, like between boards and at the bottom of cabinets. Take a caulk gun and find all of those tiny cracks and seal those up as well. The fewer places they can hide, the easier it is to find and eradicate them.

Clean Your Floors and Counters

This next tip is obvious, but it bears repeating -- make sure your floors are clean. Pick up trash and all the pieces of food you can. Any little thing on the floor will attract vermin and give them a reason to hang around.

Wipe up the Water

While most people know about the food and do their best to keep bits and pieces off the ground, not as many people think about water. This is a problem, because while most bugs can go weeks without food they will not last more than a couple of days without water. Every night before you go to bed dry out your sinks and wipe the bottom of your tubs and dishwasher. If you have pets, put up their water. There should be no water anywhere where an unwanted visitor can find it.

These tips are just the start, but they should help you turn your home into a place where bugs and rodents are clearly not wanted. For more tips and help pest-proofing your house, please contact us at Orange Environmental Services today!

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