3 Fundamentals in Preventing Pests

Pest can appear in the home unexpectedly. From cockroaches to ants to mice, pests come in all shapes, sizes and behaviors, but they all have common goals: food, warmth and shelter. Truth be told, pests are very dependent on human life, as humans provide the necessities they need to thrive. But here, we will show you fundamental techniques for how to prevent these pests from entering the home.

Keep the House Clean

Clean and vacuum your home regularly so that pests do not detect a lot of food. It is important that you leave no crumb left unswept. Keep the kitchen area clean, don’t leave dirty dishes out or snack bags open, and throw away drink bottles. As soon as pets like ants can sense food nearby, they will waste no time to settle in and around your home to start scavenging. Regularly cleaning the house should keep away most pests, with the exception of pests that love invading clean homes and floors.

Keep the House Cool

If your home is often warm and damp, it makes for a lavish habitat for pests to enjoy. They simply love sweaty environments, as they make for suitable places to incubate and hatch eggs. Regardless of cleanliness, there are just some pests that thrive off of areas that are moist and dark. Be sure that your home’s room temperature is not too high, and for rooms like the basement that cannot get cooled with an HVAC unit, you can purchase a dehumidifier and avoid a home that pests can live and hide in.

Keep Snacks Well Contained

Pests can still be attracted to foods that you store in pantries. Cereals, snacks, sweets, canned goods: pests can all detect them, get inside of them and spend all day in these foods. The best prevention for pests getting inside your food is to put them in plastic containers with tight-locking lids. These containers will not only make it harder for pests to bite through, but the plastic works well to mask scents and aromas that pests can possibly smell from blocks away.

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